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All  LMB products are made specifically for handbag leathers and pH optimized to maintain the fiber integrity.

Superior to any other product out there! 
Product: New Vachetta Collection 
Posted By: Kathryn M.

I've recently taken up refurbishing vintage LV bags so I wanted to compare LMB products to using Kiwi saddle soap, Cadillac Leather Conditioner, and Blackrock conditioner. All I can say is -- there's no contest! LMB is the best! Beautifully evened out the patina and the protective coat gives me confidence that the bag will continue to age gracefully. Amazing! 


Bags to Like NEW​​

Did you know that your leather handbags could be restored back to life?  Yes that's right!  Chanel, Hermes, Dior bags have the wonderful option of being restored to like new again, and with the handbag spa products developed with Designer leathers in mind, the maintenance and protection of your bags is now a reality.  Leathers are not all equal and products for car leathers are not recommend for handbag leathers - so trust your leather handbags to the founders of the handbag spa concept and technology Lovin My Bags by Barbara.

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When it's time to clean out your closet to make room for new clothes, bags and accessories, think again - You may have a leather bag or jacket that can be restored to like new at a fraction of the cost - for example that faded Chanel fully restored will cost $395 to restore compared to $3000 for a new one.  Think of  Lovin My Bags the premier handbag spa  for your leather restoration projects.  We started the concept and we create all products and services exclusively for delicate leathers. so you know your investment is in the best care ever.

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